Box contains flash-frozen, vacuum sealed:

  • Barramundi - A member of the sea bass family, barramundi is native to Australia's northern tropical waters and is now farm raised in southeast Asia. Barramundi has light pink flesh with a firm, moist texture. This fish is prized for its sweet buttery flavor. 4 portions at 5-7oz each
  • Mahi Mahi - Mahi Mahi is wild caught in Ecuadorian waters. The fish has a sweet, mild flavor, similar to swordfish. The lean meat is firm in texture, with large, moist flakes. 4 portions at 6oz each
  • Norwegian Salmon - Farm raised in the fjords of Norway, the flavor of Norwegian salmon is milder than the wild Alaskan species. The meat is moderately firm and oily and has a large, moist flake. 4 portions at 6oz each
  • Alaskan Sole - Wild caught in the Bering sea, Alaskan sole, also known as flounder, has a tender texture with a delicate mild flavor.  2 pieces per package, 4 total portions, at 5oz each