Bread, Pastry & Desserts

Dark Chocolate Lava Cake, 5oz, 24 Count
Cake Marjolaine Gluten Free
Apple Tartlett, Frozen, 12 count
Red Velvet Cake , 2 count
English Muffin, 6/12 count
Vanilla Paste with Seeds, 4 oz
Nielsen Massey Vanilla Paste with Seeds, 4 oz
Bourbon Vanilla Extract, 4oz
Nielsen Massey Bourbon Vanilla Extract, 4oz
Sourdough Bread, Sliced, 49oz, 6 Count
Stirato Square Sandwich Roll, 60 count
Ciabatta Bread, Par Baked, 15 count
Chocolate Crunch Mousse Cake , 4 count
Assorted Petit Fours, 144 count
Black Forest Cheesecake , 2 count